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Placement Exam

This placement test is for incoming students and current Emory Students only. Those who have studied German before coming to Emory should take the online placement test to determine which course is best suited to their abilities. Any other use is unauthorized. Please note that this exam is meant as guidance for placement, not the final word. The German Studies Department encourages you to contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies to discuss your placement results and to determine the best placement for you. The Emory College Honor Code applies when taking the German Placement Exam. 

Should you have any questions please call us at 404.727.6439.




  1. Create an account

    Create an account using your 7-digit Emory ID as student ID.
  2. Complete background survey

    Please make sure to answer all questions in the background survey at the beginning of the test.


  3. Complete the exam

    Take the Placement Exam. Remember, the Emory College Honor Code applies.
  4. Wait for results

    Once you have completed the Exam, the department will contact you with the results and placement recommendation. If you don't receive your results after a week, email