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Honors Program

Honors Program

Qualified German Studies majors are encouraged to consider writing an honors thesis their senior year. Preparation for the thesis should already begin during the fall semester of the junior year when possible directions and topics for the thesis should be discussed with departmental faculty and a research timeline can be established to complete the thesis by mid-March of their senior year.

Interested students should also be aware of the funding opportunities in Emory College through the Office of Undergraduate Research, the Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry , the Halle Institute, or the library to support honor's thesis work.

Students writing an honor's thesis are encouraged to present their research at the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium in April of their senior year.

For more information, see Honors Program | Academic Policies & Regulations or contact Honors Program Coordinator, Peter Höyng

StudentTitleThesis AdviserYear

Oh, Tiffany

"Gendered Perspectives: Crisis and Representation of the Body in fin-de-siècle Vienna"Buchholz, Paul 2024

Simmens, Alex

Technology and Sustainability: The Consequences of Modernization in German EnvironmentalismBuchholz, Paul2022

Wadsworth, Kristin 

A functional discourse analysis of German media portrayals of virologist Dr. Christian Drosten during the COVID-19 pandemic Maxim, Hiram 2022
Chiruvella, VarshaA Comparative Reading of Medical Ethics in Late 19th Century German LiteratureHöyng, Peter2019
Greenstein, PaulThe Rise of and Literary Response to the New Far Right in Austria and GermanyBuchholz, Paul2019
Teed, JacquelineInitial Discourses on AIDS in East and West GermanyBuchholz, Paul2018

Zhang, Zuoyu

A Comparison of the Published Scholarly English Translations of Paul Celan's "Todesfuge"Höyng, Peter2018
Weisberger, AbigailJewish Chronotopes: Sites of Memory in the Autobiographies of Gershom Scholem and Walter BenjaminBlock, Nick2014
Lorenz, Lucia A."Der Mangel an Schönheit": Life in Hohenschönhausen in the 1950sMaxim, Hiram2012
Cooper, RobertMusical Austrian Jewish Exiles: Examining the Jewish-Austrian Identities of Hermann Leopoldi and Georg Kreisler through MusicHöyng, Peter2011
Maness, CarolineWiener Amerikaner oder amerikanischer Wiener? A Comparative Analysis of Three Viennese Scientists - Eric Kandel, Carl Djerassi, and Erwin ChargaffHöyng, Peter2011
Umpierrez, EricaAdvocating Awareness: The Development of Peter Handke's Concept of LanguageAue, Maximilian2010
Hostetter, WhitneyFlanieren in Berlin: Reading the City with Hessel, Gröschner, and Graffiti.Höyng, Peter2007
Albert, RyanConnecting West German Responses to Terrorism to the Solution of the Iranian Hostage CrisisAue, Maximilian1999
Nicol, SaraBeyond the Wall: Neo-Nazism in the Former GDRWestbrook, Viola1999
Norman, JanaA Comparison of Eastern and Western Jugendsprache One Year after German UnificationMcMahon, James1992
Westbrook, DavidTannenbergMcMahon, James1988
Binner, AndreaVorstudien zu Sprachwandlungen uber drei GenerationenMcMahon, James1986
Bland III, James WalterLesekritik in Elias Canetti's Die BlendungAue, Maximilian1984
Tigges, StefanLiebe, Gegebsatz und Identitat in den letzen swei Akten von Goethes Faust II und die Zurucknahme in Manns Doktor FaustusWaniek, Erdmann1984

Student/YrTitleDepartmentThesis AdviserFaculty Committee Member 

Choi, Jacob

“When Large Language Models Meet Religious Text” Computer Science 

Maxim, Hiram

Cunningham, Sara 

Knee Deep in the EarthEnglish and Creative Writing Brown, Jericho

Schaumann, Caroline

Hicks, Elliot


Synthetic Applications of Dirhodium (II) Catalysis ChemistryDavies, Huw Maxim, Hiram 

Haylon, Jeff 


HistoryEckert, AstridMaxim, Hiram

Rautman, Lydia


Effects of anthropogenic influence on patterns of infection with enteric zoonotic pathogens in brown mouse lemur, Microcebus rufus, at Ranomafana National Park, MadagascarEnvironmental SciencesGillespie, Thomas 

Tang, Mi


The Theory And Practice of Confidentiality Agreements in American Democracy: An Investigation of the Legal Norms Underlying the Apprentice Agreement in the Trump Tape Case
PhilosophySullivan, MichaelMaxim, Hiram

Reynolds, Anne


Nicotine Usage in Individuals at Clinical High Risk of Developing Psychosis
PsychologyWalker, Elaine 

Castle, Micah


Sounds of Silence: The Unspoken Voices in Four Spanish and German Post-War Texts
SpanishDillman, LisaBlock, Nick

Donovan, Kathleen


Globalization, Education, and Linguistics: Determinants of English Proficiency in EU Countries
EconomicsNinkovic, JasminkaMaxim, Hiram

Howell, Elizabeth


Responses to Protestant and Jewish Toleration in the Habsburg Empire During the Reign of Joseph II
HistoryVick, BrianHöyng, Peter

Snyder, William


Social Learning Processes in Acheulean Hand-axe ProductionAnthropologyStout, DeitrichMaxim, Hiram

Doctor, Hazel


Popularity Perception and Favoritism by 3- to 7-Year-Old Children
PsychologyRochat, PhilippeMaxim, Hiram

Corrigan, Sarah


Freud and Schenker: Mind, Music, and the Loss of PlayIDSSCGilman, SanderHöyng, Peter

Rhoads, William


The Political Shift of the CDU in Citizenship and Immigration Policy from Reunification to the Implementation of an Immigration law in 2005HistoryWilhelm, CorneliaSchaumann, Caroline

Hein, Benjamin


Nation, Identity, and German "Particularities" The Case of the Ruhr, 1871-1908HistoryEckert, AstridAue, Maximilian

Reischmann, Mary Kate


The Journey from Wagner to Brahms: Performance Markings and Orchestration in the 1873 and 1889 Scores of Bruckner's Third SymphonyMusicKarnes, KevinHöyng, Peter

Student/YrTitleDepartmentThesis Adviser

Qifan Wang 2021

The hairscapes of Chinese international studentsLinguistics Maxim, Hiram

Michael Zhong 2017

A study into emoji use in a multi-party chatLinguisticsMaxim, Hiram