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Learning Resources

Website Resources

  •  Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten”: Listen to a daily news broadcast that is read slowly and read along with the accompanying text; 
  • Lebendiges Museum Online”: A site for history buffs. Explore this huge collection of historical texts and audio files covering 20th century German history;  
  •”: A site with over 750 free mp3 files of books on tape. In some cases the text is also provided so that you can read along while listening to the text. If you are not that advanced, you might want to click on “Kinder & Jugendliche” tab to find books that might be more accessible. Another option to try are the many Grimm fairy tales available; 
  • Annotext”: A project out of Dartmouth College in which major works of German literature are annotated so that you can click on any word for an immediate translation. One option would be to read the text on this site and listen to the recording on; 
  • Projekt Gutenberg”: All the famous German literary works for free in simple text format 
  • Die deutsche Gedichtebibliothek”: For poetry buffs, get your fill by exploring German poetry by author and topic. 
  • Simple German texts” - a helpful guide for locating easier reading materials in German. 
  • Tagesschau in 100 Sekunden”: Get a 100-second daily update of the news from Germany’s most watched TV channel. 
  • Kindernachrichten”: Here is one more option for getting news in German. This one is targeted to a younger audience and is produced by Germany’s second most watched TV channel. 
  • Gesprochene Deutsche Lyrik”: Listen to over 1100 German poems and read along with the accompanying text  


  • Watch AUT der österreichische Film: Austrian movies on demand
  • KuBus”: 49 different videos produced by the Goethe Institut about a range of cultural topics in the arts, technology, geography, music, politics, economics. The transcript for each video is provided; 
  • Netflix: Rent or stream German language films. Click on “Browse” and then select “International” and then “German movies”; 
  • Tatort”: Watch the longest-running German TV drama on YouTube, each one a “Krimi” set in different German cities; 
deutsches Fernsehen: Tune in to German television for a variety of news, entertainment, and sports programs: 
Kinderfernsehen: Targeting a younger audience, these programs offer a range of shows from dramas to informational videos: 



  •  Sound of Germany”: Another Goethe Institut website with monthly podcasts and all kinds of other information about German pop music; 
  • Bandtagebuch”: Join the Munich-based German hip hop band as they travel across Germany, introducing you to the country through songs.  




  • Sprachtrainer”: Part of the Leo online dictionary, use this feature to build up vocab lists and create quizzes of words you encounter while reading or watching German 
  • digitales Wörterbuch”: Explore this expansive corpus of texts dating back 100 years for detailed information about individual words (etymology, definitions, collocations) 


  • Deutsche Welle offers a complete range of online German classes that you can take at your own pace   
  • LinguaTV offers a range of video-based German classes for all levels of ability. 



  • Mixxer: This site, maintained by Dickinson College, pairs you with a native speaker of German interested in learning English and allows you to communicate in both German and English.