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Faculty & Staff


Aleksandra Starčević Headshot
Aleksandra Starčević
Visiting Instructor
327 Modern Languages Building
Paul J. Buchholz, PhD Headshot
Paul J. Buchholz, PhD
Associate Professor of German Studies
326 Modern Languages Building
Peter Höyng, PhD Headshot
Peter Höyng, PhD
Professor of German Studies
213 Modern Languages Building
Hiram Maxim, PhD Headshot
Hiram Maxim, PhD
Masse-Martin/NEH Distinguished Teaching Professor
214 Modern Languages Building
Caroline Schaumann, PhD Headshot
Caroline Schaumann, PhD
Professor of German Studies
325 Modern Languages Building
Maximilian Schweigl Headshot
328 Modern Languages Building
Didem Uca, PhD Headshot
Didem Uca, PhD
Assistant Professor of German Studies
324 Modern Languages Building
Miriam Udel Headshot
Miriam Udel
Associate Professor of Yiddish Language, Literature, and Culture
322 Modern Languages Building
Frank Voigt Headshot
Frank Voigt
304 Modern Languages Building
Daniel Walter Headshot
Daniel Walter
Assistant Professor of German and Linguistics
Oxford College

Affiliated Faculty

Sa'ed Atshan Headshot
Sa'ed Atshan
Associate Professor
Anthropology 218A
Matthew H. Bernstein Headshot
Matthew H. Bernstein
Department Chair and Goodrich C. White Professor
Guangchen Chen Headshot
Guangchen Chen
Assistant Professor / Chinese
Todd Cronan Headshot
Todd Cronan
Associate Professor | Art History Department
Astrid M. Eckert Headshot
Astrid M. Eckert
Associate Professor | Department of History
Elizabeth Goodstein Headshot
Elizabeth Goodstein
Professor of English and the Liberal Arts
Kevin C. Karnes Headshot
Kevin C. Karnes
Associate Dean for the Arts / Professor of Music History
Thomas D. Lancaster Headshot
Thomas D. Lancaster
Professor | Political Science
Deborah E. Lipstadt Headshot
Deborah E. Lipstadt
Dorot Professor of Modern Jewish History and Holocaust Studies
Walter S. Melion Headshot
Walter S. Melion
Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Art History
James V.H. Melton Headshot
James V.H. Melton
Chair, Department of Spanish and Portuguese | Professor, Department of History
Andrew J. Mitchell Headshot
Andrew J. Mitchell
Professor of Philosophy
Brian Vick Headshot
Brian Vick
Professor | Department of History
Cynthia Willett Headshot
Cynthia Willett
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Philosophy
Michelle M. Wright Headshot
Michelle M. Wright
Longstreet Professor of English

Emeritus Faculty

Marianne Lancaster Headshot
Marianne Lancaster
Foreign Language Pedagogy


Dominique Thiers-Schmidt Headshot
Dominique Thiers-Schmidt
Senior Project Coordinator
Modern Languages Building
Terez Whatley White Headshot
Terez Whatley White
Academic Department Administrator
Modern Languages Building 202A

In Memoriam

Maximilian Aue Headshot
Maximilian Aue
Maximilian Aue
James McMahon Headshot
James McMahon
Professor of German at Emory