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Herzlichen Glückwunsch German Studies Graduates!

As we say farewell to another outstanding academic year, we congratulate our awardees and graduating seniors.  This is a moment best described as bittersüß, especially since we enjoyed such a large group of seniors this year.  We cherish this moment of celebration and look back to a year filled with memorable events, fulfilling classes, and rich conversations.  Thank you to all the students, colleagues, alumni, and friends who have helped make this year such a delightful and gratifying experience. 

- Caroline Schaumann, Professor and Chair

"My favorite memory in the German Studies department is my first Grill Fest freshman year! I was still so shy and nervous meeting people, but all the faculty and other German students were so welcoming that I knew I wanted to continue being a part of the German department even after fulfilling my language requirement."

Cosette Drook 23C

"My best memory of the German department is the Berlin trip last year."

- Yide (John) Cai 23C

"One of my fondest memories was the trip to Berlin in the spring, where we were able to explore the city of Berlin and dive deep into a specific topic. I focused on Ingeborg Rapoport and her contributions to the Charité, which was an extremely fascinating topic!"

- JT Ryan, German Studies Major 22C

"As a student of German Studies at Emory, I engaged with sophisticated readings and assignments and a different culture from my own, all while developing my linguistic abilities. These efforts strengthened my critical thinking skills and helped me to develop a sense of cultural empathy. I appreciate that my studies in the Emory German Studies Department enabled me to gain an enriching perspective on German culture."

- Thomas Heagy, German Studies Major 22C

"My most notable memory in the German Studies department was having the opportunity to travel to Berlin this spring and being able to explore the city. I particularly loved Friedrichshain, a hip neighborhood next to Mitte."

- Max Wang, German Studies Major 22C