Level III

Level III in the German Studies Department’s integrated four-year undergraduate curriculum is the first level that allows students to choose between two different thematic foci: Süße Pein: Portrayals of love and hate in German culture from the present to the Middle Ages (301 & 302) or Business German (320 & 321). Regardless of the content, both course sequences continue to move learners along the narration-explanation-argumentation discursive continuum that forms the basis for the department’s four-year program. Whereas the discursive focus at Levels I and II targeted primarily narration, the focus shifts at Level III to explanation. Specifically, emphasis is placed on helping learners develop the abilities to explain the factors and consequences of different events or situations. For instance, in German 301 students study the recent debates in German parliament on same-sex marriage and explain different political parties’ position on the issue, or in Business German students have to explain the consequences of a business-related decision for a particular company.

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