Level I

Level I in the German Studies unified undergraduate curriculum is a two-course (German 101 & 102) elementary German sequence entitled “Wer ich bin: Das Selbstkonzept: Exploring self-identity in the German-speaking world”. At this level students explore the roles and group affiliations that contribute to the identity of young adults in the United States and the German-speaking world. Specifically, students examine the following six different roles or groups, devoting 4-5 weeks to each:

German 101: (1) Student; (2) Hobbyist; (3) Family member

German 102: (4) Consumer; (5) Tourist; (6) Citizen

In terms of students’ language development, Level I focuses on helping students become comfortable with narrating the events of their private sphere, often from a chronological perspective. In that sense, the emphasis is on developing fledgling story tellers who are able to relate their own lives to the personal lives of German speakers whom they encounter in the different stories that they read and view at this level.

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