Level IV

Level IV, the last level in the German Studies Department’s integrated four-year curriculum, consists of electives whose topics change each semester and reflect faculty expertise. While the topics vary from semester to semester, the discursive focus in each Level IV course is argumentation. Instruction thus focuses on helping students build and substantiate an argument in German based on the topics being explored in a particular course. The following courses have been taught at Level IV in the past couple of years:

  1. Cyber German
  2. Race, Religion, and Citizenship
  3. Contemporary German Cinema
  4. Heinricht von Kleist’s Novellas
  5. Contemporary Political Discourse
  6. From Bach to Weill: Musical Renditions of Dramatic Texts

In addition, the following list of courses gives an overview of the types of topics that are thematized in Level IV courses:

401 – Media Studies

402 – Dichter und Denker

403 – Cultural Topographies

404 – Visual Culture

405 – Schools of Thought

406 – Yiddish Studies

407 – Contemporary Culture

408 – Transnational Studies

409 – Discourse Studies

410 – Music and Performance

411 – Epochs and Eras

412 – Literary Genre Studies

413 – Science, Nature, Technology