• Prof. Hiram Maxim was interviewed as part of an article on the importance of keeping the foreign language requirement at U.S. colleges and universities.
  • German Studies students who plan on studying abroad in 2017 are encourage to apply for two different scholarships available through the department: the Max Kade Foundation Scholarship for students participating in the Vienna Summer Program and the Viola Westbrook Endowed Scholarship for German Studies majors and minors who will be studying abroad either during the semester or summer in 2017.
  • Prof. Caroline Schaumann gave the presentation “Alexander von Humboldts Ansichten der Kordilleren zwischen Ästhetik und Erlebnis” as part of the Postdam Alexander von Humboldt Symposium “Landschaften und Kartographien der Humboldtian Science” in Potsdam, Germany on November 9th.
  • Emory alumnus Robert Cooper 13C returned to campus to debut his original electronic musical composition to accompany the screening of the classic 1922 German silent film Nosferatu on Friday, Oct. 28. Read more here.
  • Prof. Paul Buchholz delivered the paper “Minimal Community and Vicarious Narration in Heinz Helle’s Post-apocalyptic Novel Eigentlich müssten wir tanzen” at the annual Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association (PAMLA) conference in Pasadena, CA, on November 11th.

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